• Be reachable on your business Main Line and/or DIDs while you work away from the office
  • No Contract
  • Special Pricing
  • Installed within days

Covid-19’s impact on us seemed mild at the beginning when it was first heard of during the Chinese New Year period in 2020, and most people outside of China were still in the comfort zone that the virus outbreak was mostly contained within Wuhan, China. But it hit us really hard medically, socially and economically.  It hit us so hard and so rapidly till most businesses globally were still not prepared with its onslaught.

Here in Singapore, we have a competent government and healthcare system which helped to cushion and slow down this impact to the people and businesses.  But that does not mean that the virus might not hit us in larger scale like how it had affected other countries already.  A lockdown at some stage would pose a very challenging aspect to how people communicate and do business.

At the moment, there were already companies asking their employees to work from home where their role allows, or they were split into multiple teams to work in different locations. Many a times, the work on computers such as CRMs, ERPs, Email, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, etc. are not a challenge because those are easily available on various portable platforms such as laptops, tablets or even mobile phones.  However, voice communication becomes a challenge when the business phone systems were not ready for such sudden deployment of people into different locations because traditionally, business voice communications tie the employee to his/her desk phone at the work desk.

Before Covid-19, Kloutricity was already enabling businesses to gain the freedom of having voice communication on multiple portable platforms so that customers and vendors could continually reach out to their employees no matter where they are working at – be it a café, at home, a branch office, a hotel, abroad, or wherever with an Internet connection.  Kloutricity unlocked the traditional business phone system’s rigidity by offering the calling platform from its own cloud.

With the communication challenges posed to businesses at this stage, Kloutricity is offering the following to help companies address those challenges now, in the future and beyond Covid-19’s invasion.

  • Kloutricity now offers a No Contract subscription to Zumba Professional at its 36 Months Pricing (lowest priced) to all who subscribe to Zumba Professional until further notice
  • Companies could choose to terminate the service any time after the use of minimally one month’s service
  • Companies do not need to dispose of their current phone system (PABX)*
  • Companies do not need to unsubscribe telephone services such as (Analog lines, ISDN, SIP Trunks) from their existing Telco*
  • Kloutricity will work with companies to derive call flow(s)
  • Service could be activated within days
  • Self installation is preferred due to Social Distancing measures
  • Companies may choose to migrate their Telco service and PABX over to Kloutricity now or eventually

*Provided one of the alternate number forwarding (from existing Telco service or PABX) methods works as per the illustration below:

Illustrates the design of the setup.

Our customers and ourselves brought business voice communication to our homes and other offices. We are ready to communicate like before and Kloutricity Zumba fits nicely into our Business Continuity Plans (BCP).  We hope you could do that too.