Effective Communication and Collaboration for Working from Home during COVID-19 Circuit Breaker

April 20, 2020
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April 20, 2020 Webmaster

Effective Communication and Collaboration for Working from Home during COVID-19 Circuit Breaker

COVID-19 Circuit Breaker … it’s a challenging time.

Offices are closed and we are working from home during Singapore’s Circuit Breaker period. Yet it is still business as usual – we still need to communicate with our colleagues and ensure that services are delivered to our customers. On top of that, we do not want to miss any sales inquiry that comes through our phone system. How can we continue to communicate effectively with our colleagues and customers? Can we work like a unified organization when everyone in the company is working from home? 

At Kloutricity, we say yes …

Our technology enables mobile and distributed organizations to communicate, collaborate, and stay productive without risks to health and safety during this Circuit Breaker. We have been focused on making communications accessible and seamless over Softphone (Windows & Mac on Laptops) and Mobile App (iOS & Android on Smartphone) — Kloutricity sees this as our duty during this challenging time—to educate and promote Work from Home effectively during this Circuit Breaker in Singapore.

Is your organization impacted by the Circuit Breaker and COVID-19 pandemic? Are you an SME facing communication problems due to the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker? To help businesses, Kloutricity is offering the Zumba Telecommute Package, at the lowest pricing (meant for 36 months contract period) with absolutely No Contract.

Zumba Telecommute will provide you with Cloud Business Telephony, Video Conferencing, Audio Conferencing, Web Conferencing and Team Messaging —all modes of communication needed by SMEs as they manage impact of working from home during Singapore’s Circuit Breaker for COVID-19.

For telecommuters who now have to ensure seamless communication with colleagues and customers, Kloutricity Zumba cloud-based phone system provides phone numbers to every business user. As our support for SG United, Kloutricity is offering Secure Video Conferencing, Audio Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Team Collaboration(Chat, Screen and File Sharing) at no additional cost till 9th August 2020, National Day. 

We are in it together!

As a responsible organization in Singapore, we have used our tools extensively to stay connected during this time of crisis. And we are offering the same solution to businesses, SMEs and Enterprises so that we can do our part as we look forward to break the infection cycle in Singapore.

On behalf of our team at Kloutricity: Stay Safe, United We Stand with Singapore. 

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